Find a Notary

Businesses, real estate agents, mortgage brokers, health care professionals and schools have regular needs for notary public services. Many people outside of those organizations do not know how to find a notary public until they have a pressing need. When a document absolutely has to be authenticated, you have to find a notary.

Banks, credit unions and brokerage offices may have employees who are notaries on site. But financial institutions will not notarize documents unless you are a regular customer. When you are a newcomer to the area or need notary services when traveling in another city or state, you have to find an independent notary public. Back home you might also ask friend and family for a notary public referral. In a less familiar area, you can go online to find a notary. For people who travel in their work, online notary searches also save valuable time during the business day.

The American Society of Notaries (ASN) makes your notary search easier by providing quick access to their members. Start at the web site then click the left tab, Notary Locator. Next enter your zip code and check any of these specifiers that indicate if a notary has a web site, internet connection, fax number, electronic fax number, email, or laser printer. After entering a five digit zip code, and the specifiers, you will see a list of notaries who match your requirements. The list is in order of nearest to distant with approximate mileage difference from your zip code. This notary search also gives additional information about each notary such as types of services, e-notarization capabilities and other services that help you find the right notary at the closest location. Using the ASN site for notary search is as “quick and easy to access” as the site claims.

An independent group Notary Cafe ( has profiles on over 24,000 notaries and notary signing agents. On this site, your notary search begins by completing a brief form. The form makes it possible to search by name of the notary or the geographic area. After entering your zip code, you can choose whether you want to find a notary within 10, 25, and 50 or up to 500 miles away. Next check boxes that indicate if your notary search is for a notary signing agent, attorney, a bilingual notary and whether the notary has a fax or laser printer.

For another national search go to . This is also map driven by clicking on the state, then city, county or zip code. Search options indicate whether a notary offers after hours appointments, ability to handle electronic notarization and fluency in Spanish.

If you need to find a mobile notary to meet at your office, home, hospital, nursing home, or airport and to meet after hours or on weekends, find a notary who meets those requests at Expect to pay a higher fee for the convenience of a mobile notary who accommodates your request for alternative location or hours.