Notary Classes

Applying to become a Notary Public is the first step, but what does it take to actually do the job? If you feel overwhelmed reading the state handbook for Notary Public rules, then you need a class to sort out what to do and how to do it. Notary Classes for Notary Public training can be done live, independent study or online.

If you learn best in a classroom where you can ask questions and get immediate answers, then look for a live class. Call the local college or career training school to ask about Notary Public classes. You can also check with the adult extension programs sponsored at local high schools and community centers. Another great information resource is listed in the phone directory as SCORE (Service Corps of Retired Executives). Here’s another benefit, SCORE professionals can also help you develop your Notary Practice with great ideas and mentoring for small business development.

Independent study class provides all the class material at once with assignments, reading and practice tests. Some programs offer to grade the lessons and tests that are mailed or faxed to the provider. With the popularity of Notary Public online classes, this kind of interaction for independent study is less common. If you choose independent study, you are responsible for your own learning.

Online Notary Public training is growing by leaps and bounds. It’s the best of both worlds: get your questions answered by an instructor and study at the time most convenient to your schedule. Win-win option. And you can start at any time, no waiting for the next class to begin or books to arrive by snail mail. When you are ready, online classes are ready. All you need is a credit card or Paypal account to sign up and pay for the class. Then you download material and start working. Online courses offer practice exams that can be graded instantly so you know exactly what questions you missed.

Before registering for any class, make sure the class meets any education requirements of your state for Notary Public training. A few states such as Florida and California have specific number of hours training. So if you need 6 hours training, find out if the Notary Public class or online program delivers exactly what you need. Otherwise you are wasting money and time.

Notary Public classes are often completed in one or two days for a live class and 3-6 hours study for an online class. If your state does not have a minimum number of educational hours, then the choice is yours on which class to take. Ask if the class gives a practice exam and how you get feedback from the instructor to help you understand the questions. The more you know about being a Notary Public, the better you can do the job. That means you’ll make fewer mistakes, work efficiently and become more valuable resource to your clients. For a Notary Public, good training is just good business.