Notary Public Education Support

The official duties of a Notary Public are more complex than just signing documents and adding a seal. The knowledge required to properly execute documents, validate identification and work within the rules of a given state are part of the education process for a Notary Public.

In-class, seminars and online classes are important training methods that are used for Notary education support. Some states require a minimum amount of education hours prior to taking a license exam. Other states mandate three or six hours prior training without an exam. Even if the state does not set hourly training, notaries who want to master the complexities of their official duties choose additional training.

Check with local colleges and adult education programs for notary training classes. These are typically two evenings or half day classes. The fee is low however, the classes may only be offered several times a year.

Online classes make it possible to start training when you are ready and to work on the material anytime of the day. All that’s needed is a computer with internet access. Online classes provides training and practice exams to test mastery of the material. For applicants in states with a notary exam, these online practice exams are great ways to prepare for the exam. Shop around as prices vary for online notary education support.

Commercial training centers offer live seminars on basic notary education and other specialty topics. Expanded training for mortgage signing agent, notary signing agent, mobile notary and electronic notarization gives added notary education support to expand the scope of business opportunities. Many training programs also offer a DVD version recorded at the live seminar for students who cannot attend in person.

The two major professional organizations for notaries are the American Society of Notaries (ASN) and the National Notary Association (NNA) . These organizations also offer training, including state specific manuals and courses, at a discount price for members.

NNA maintains an online library of position papers on up-to-date issues such as real estate fraud, electronic notarization, digital signatures and other need to know information for notaries. These position papers are accessible to both members and non-members. ASN has online education courses for Florida, Missouri, Pennsylvania and All States notary education support. Both organizations post a code of ethics for notaries that applied to their members.

Online notary training programs offered by companies and experienced notary publics also offer complete packages that start by guiding an applicant through the state notary application process on to training, purchasing basic supplies and advice on how to set up a notary public business. You’ll pay more for convenience rather than contacting the state. Application documents and state notary manuals are usually available from the state at no charge.

Several bonding companies offer notary online and home study training programs even including downloads of state application forms. These companies also have information for renewal of notary commissions and updates on state law changes. Notary education support is available in various methods even as close as your computer.