Notary Public Fees

Got seal? If you are a Notary Public or thinking about becoming a notary, you need to know how to make money at this job, and that means knowing about Notary Public fees. Maybe being a notary was attractive to you as a stay at home mom, retiree or college student. Or you could be a working person who needs extra income with the hope of kicking the cubicle to be your own boss. Becoming a Notary Public can be great for any of those folks.

Back to the money, how much and how fast? Like any new business, you have to let people know that you are a Notary Public and where to find you. So get out with business cards and flyers promoting your services. Your state rules may require that you post your fees at your business location and in advertising given to potential clients.

Let’s look at two highly used notary services; taking acknowledgements and administering oaths. What you make for the actual notary service is limited by state law, so you really need to be clear about that. For an acknowledgement, a notary in Nebraska or New York can only charge two dollars but Notaries in Florida, Washington and California get ten dollars. If a notary in New Jersey administers an oath, the legally established fee is two dollars and fifty cents or barely enough for a pay phone call to a Notary in New York who charges two dollars. Meanwhile, notaries in Florida, Washington and California get ten bucks for the same service.

Ok, so moving to the higher priced fee states isn’t an option, so how to you make money with notary public fees in your state? Three ways: get known, get connected and get mobile.

You have to get known by contacting friends, relatives, in-laws, out-laws and anyone in line at the grocery who will listen. Carry business cards and flyers everywhere. Post flyers on bulletin boards at stores, laundromats, colleges and libraries. Attend local business and networking clubs to meet new people and tell them about your Notary Public services.

Get connected with the people most likely to be repeat users of notary services:

Contact nearby real estate agents, mortgage brokers, attorneys and schools. Offer to come to their offices to meet with clients. Be available for evening and weekend meetings. The banks are closed during those times, so clients will appreciate your willingness to handle their notary needs when they don’t have to take off work.

A trend in notary services is as a mobile notary. If you are willing to be available on short notice and travel to meet clients at other locations, you could build quite a reputation as the go-to notary public. You can also offer services to a school to provide notary services during registration. The school pays the fee and students are grateful for the convenience. Look for opportunities to provide notary public services to a larger group at one location and you make money no matter what the fee.