Notary Public Jobs

After a Notary Public completes the state requirements and earns a commission, it’s the beginning of an independent business. What’s so great about this opportunity for self-employment is that anyone can get started with minimal investment. This allows work at home moms or dads to have a part time job and control their work hours. It’s also a great part time job for retirees who just want a little extra income. Even college students can make extra money providing notary services.

You are not likely to see a line up of Notary Public jobs in the want ads. Notary services are used occasionally by certain businesses and more frequently by others. Some businesses such as real estate agency, schools or mortgage brokers may pay the fees for existing employees to earn a notary commission. So looking in the usual job market locations for work as a notary is not productive.

Perhaps becoming a notary caught your attention because it’s an out-of-cubicle experience. Along with organizing your business, you have to let people know about the services provided. Putting up flyers in public locations, handing out business cards and networking in the community are general ways to increase your business. While these are good supplements to finding work as a notary, the best way to create your own salary is to get connected with several businesses that regularly need notary services. That’s the success formula for Mobile Notary Public Services.

Some states allow notaries to charge travel fees when moving between offices. For example, a notary public in California might charge $10 for each document notarized and $25 travel fee in the local area or mileage after a certain distance.

Advertising services as a mobile notary (if your state permits) is a great way to build business by offering to go to the clients at place and time best for them. Notarizing documents is not a 9-5 job, so being available for clients in the evenings and on weekends can be an excellent business builder. Busy people are often willing to pay for convenience, so this generates more work for a notary.

As a self-employed business owner, the Notary Public also needs to use every electronic means for advertising services. This is a national listing of notaries that can be searched by city or state. A notary can create an individual listing including a photo, contact information, email, web site, areas served by zip code, types of notary services, hours and even testimonials from clients. A one year membership on this site is free, but requires a notary to have a web site and email.

Whether working as a mobile notary or working from an office, a Notary Public needs to offer a variety of contact options. Cell phone and email are important means of contact with business and professional clients. A Notary Public also needs a fax machine for client communication.

The job of a Notary Public as a self-employed business owner offers flexible hours with variable income potential limited only by the effort invested.