Notary Public Online Schools

So you want to become a Notary Public? How do you learn what it takes to do the job? A Notary Public is more than just signing your name and stamps a seal. A Notary Public is an official state commissioned position of trust and authority. Make sure you know the proper procedures with training from a Notary Public Online School.

Applicants for Notary Public are required to attend six hour training and pass a proctored examination in several states. In other states, applicants must show proof of attending an approved training course. Even without a state requirement, many applicants choose to take training courses to better understand their duties and responsibilities of a Notary Public.

Local colleges and adult education programs as well as independent provider seminars offer the classroom experience. But that means waiting for the next class or finding that the class does not fit your schedule. Instead of waiting, get started learning when you are ready from a Notary Public Online School. You can begin training from the comfort of your lounge chair or anywhere with internet access.

Notary Public online classes present the same essential information as given in the classroom setting. Some online courses are also interactive so that the students can communicate with the instructor. Unlike traditional classroom learning where the instructor has to cover all the material in a few hours, online learning allows the student to repeat any segments as needed for better comprehension.

What time does school start? Midday or midnight, you decide. The flexibility of online training makes it possible for an employee to participate after work hours or a homemaker to study in the afternoon while children nap. And here’s another benefit, by shopping around you can find a reputable Notary Public Online School at an affordable price.

If your state has education requirements, a list of approved online schools is usually posted at the Department of State website. Another source of information on training are two major organizations for notaries; the National Notary Association ( and the American Society of Notaries (

Before signing with any Notary Public Online Training program, carefully read what is offered to students. Schools with prep program for state exams usually provide online practice exams which are a great way to prepare. A school may guarantee that if you don’t pass a state exam, you can return for training at no extra charge. Bonding companies also offer training and may give a discount on bonds for students who complete their program. Also ask whether the course material can be printed or must be read online. Student who like to highlight and take notes are more comfortable with the print option.

In this field, the oath you give and the document you notarize may become part of a legal challenge in the future. The Notary Public duties are so important that a small investment in online training yields far greater value in developing professionalism and building your business.