Notary Search

When validating the identity of a document signor is important, finding a Notary Public becomes necessary. As a commissioned officer of the state, a Notary Public has the authority to administer oaths, authenticate documents, certify transactions and in some states conduct a marriage ceremony. How do you find a Notary Public when the need for this service arises?

Your Notary search may begin in the local community by checking the telephone directory. Not every notary public maintains a directory listing so you want to ask places where notary services are likely to be used. Ask at the local bank branch, attorney’s office, real estate agency or mortgage loan office for a referral to a notary public.

Finding professional services is also just a click away. If you need notary services while away from home in another town or state where you don’t have local connections to ask, an online notary search is a time saver. Thanks to many listing sources on the internet, your notary search can yield almost instant information if you know where to look. is a national notary search site that also hosts web sites for notaries as well as blogs for notaries to share with colleagues about new information, business development ideas and how to solve common problems. maintains profiles on over 24,000 notaries and notary signing agents. On this site, your notary search begins by completing a brief form. The form makes it possible to search by name of the notary or the geographic area. After entering your zip code, you can choose whether you want to find a notary within 10,25, 50 or up to 500 miles away. Next check boxes that indicate if your notary search is for a notary signing agent, attorney, a bilingual notary and whether the notary has a fax or laser printer. offers a notary search by clicking on a specific state from a United States map. Once inside the state listing, your notary search can be limited to a city listed on the menu or by entering a zip code. is a national notary directory accessed by clicking on the state, then city, county or zip code. Search options also make it possible to find out which notaries are available for after hours appointments or capable of handling electronic notarization. This notary search site also indicates who is fluent in Spanish.

The American Association of Notaries (, has national listings of member notaries that can be easily accessed by clicking on state and city. You can find out if the notary has a web site, fax number, electronic fax number, email, or laser printer

If you have special requests, then your notary search may require telephoning potential notaries to ask about information not found on their web sites or listings. Some notaries travel to nursing homes or hospitals, real estate offices or to your home for evening or weekend appointments. Whether by click or call, your notary search will find the right professional for your needs.