Notary Signing Agent

After obtaining a commission as a Notary Public, the next level of service for increasing income opportunities might be as a Notary Signing Agent. This specialized service emerged to meet requirements of the Gramm-Leach-Billey Act (15 U.S.C.6801-6809), a Congressional action to protect personal consumer information in financial transactions. Because so much sensitive, private information of the borrowers is contained in mortgage lending papers, the need arose for serious screening of everyone involved in these transactions.

A Notary Signing Agent completes advanced level training in how to properly handle signor identity and notarization of mortgage loan documents. These documents represent legal commitments in real estate, refinancing, title services and mortgage loans.

A Notary Signing Agent must learn about these documents and the legal processes that they represent. Additionally a Notary Signing Agent must have ample knowledge of the consumer protection laws to act in compliance with industry and federal standards.

Training to become a Notary Signing Agent is offered by the National Notary Association and other independent training programs. The formats vary from live classroom training to online and home study courses. A Notary interested in becoming a Notary Signing Agent can choose the study option that best fits schedule and price range. A complete background screening is also required. This screening includes identity check, verification of prior residences, validation of current state motor vehicle license status, search for county or federal criminal record and cross check with federal lists of known terrorists. A Notary Signing Agent must be above reproach because the nature of the work is only for persons with strong sense of ethics and respect for the law.

The National Notary Association offers a complete package of training and background screening which can save money for the applicant. The NNA maintains information on the screening which can be transmitted to lenders so that the Notary Signing Agent does not have to repeat this costly process for every potential client company. The NNA screening and certification of Notary Signing Agents is automatically accepted by major national firms.

In return for the higher level of knowledge, a Notary Signing Agent earns much more than a Notary Public. The Notary Signing Agent can make $50 to $100 per transaction for this specialized service. Once that designation is earned, your services will be sought after by lenders, real estate agencies, mortgage brokers and other parties to high dollar financial transactions.

The Notary Signing Agents certified by the National Notary Association have a term of two years before re-certification is required. A new background screening is required at each re-certification to comply with Federal Trade Commission standards and the Gramm-Leach-Billey Act.

Why would a Notary Public spend the additional cost and time to become a Notary Signing Agent? Two reasons: dramatically increased income and higher level of professionalism. In some states a Notary Public makes $2 per notarization while a Notary Signing Agent earns $50 per document. A Notary Signing Agent can build a busy practice that becomes a full time income or a very lucrative part time job.