Notary Software

With so many business transactions done at a distance, the Notary Public needs to be prepared to work with new options for software. The ability to use electronic documents expands the notaries potential to develop new business at virtually any location. The e-notary seal contains all the information as a traditional stamp or seal with the added benefit of being secured by password and fingerprint confirmation.

If changing from the traditional embossed seal to the stamp seal was a process, then getting accustomed to an electronic seal takes this process to another level. At this point, the digital electronic notary seal is accepted in all 50 states. The prevailing view is that an electronic signature or electronic seal is given the same recognition as the seal on a paper document in business transactions or in court.

The Enjoa 3.0 is a custom designed software to serve all major needs of Notaries. This software also provides an electronic journal to enter transactions. Notaries who hold commissions in more than one state can set up the Enjoa software with separate journals. Another benefit of having multiple journals is that several notaries who work together can use this software as each has a personal password and fingerprint for their own journals. To provide extra security, the journals are encrypted. Electronic signatures and an electronic seal can be added to this software. It also uses a fingerprint scanner for identity verification.

The National Notary Association provides training for e-notary software with emphasis on the requirements of each state. In some states, the rules for electronic notarization are still under development. The National Notary Association’s all purpose training assures that the notary learns to use the digital processes, appropriately applies the electronic seal as well as seven ways to use software for notarizing an electronic document.

The National Notary Association received acceptance for its Electronic Notary Seal (ENSâ„¢) by the Mortgage Bankers Association. This recognition gave further credibility to the electronic application of the notary seal. Acceptance of the ENS is important since notarizations on mortgage documents are such a significant part of the work for many notaries. gives notaries an online presence with personalized websites which accept online orders for notarization. This allows clients to send notary requests to the web site which can also link to a notification on cell phone or mobile electronic device. For the mobile notary, this process makes possible rapid response which is valuable for busy professionals. This software can be setup for invoices, journal and tracking the status of projects.

Topaz Systems markets the GemTrust™ software featuring a secured, electronic journal, encryption to protect documents, fingerprint pad and e-journal. A tamper-resistant archive system is included to store signatures. Choices of software elements are given in either the basic SigPro® or the SigPlusPro™.

Before purchasing notary software, shop around. Compare prices and features. Until demand increases for e-notarization, you might begin with a basic software system and allows for upgrade. Get information on training classes and online technical support.