Notary Supplies

A Judge’s gavel, a Firefighter’s ladder and a Meter Maid’s chalk marking stick are tools of their trade. For a Notary Public, the seal is the best known symbol, but not the only tool necessary for the job. Setting up for business as a Notary Public requires investing in these basic supplies.

Seal Stamp or Seal Embosser – Depending on the requirements of your state, you will use a Seal Stamp or Seal Embosser. For years the ability to run your fingers over a document and literally feel the raised Notary Public embossed seal was a sign that the document was an original. The pressed embosser could also be pressed onto a gold foil seal which really gave the document a look of high value. While the Notary seal stamp is less flashy, it carries the same importance for identification.

Least expensive stamp is the old fashioned kind which has to be pressed onto a messy stamp pad (which gets on hands and clothes). A Jurat stamp with generic wording or with Jurat wording for Florida, Washington or California can also be purchased to use with an oversize stamp pad. Notary Publics who use the basic seal favor the pre-inked seal stamp that is cleaner and faster to use.

Notary Journal is the official records of documents notarized and the method of identifying the signors. You can order a plain journal or pay extra for a cover with cute kittens, Monet art print or flowers. What’s inside the journal matters most. A Notary Public needs a thumbprint pad. The self-inking or inkless thumbprint systems are less messy for you and your client.

E-Notary Tools – Yes, there is a process for E-Notarization accepted in some states. Check your state rules for the procedure. The National Notary Association (NNA) offers an Electronic Notary Seal. Setting up the e-signature, web cam and annual software fee runs well into the $400-$600 range, so best used for high volume work.

Business Cards – As a Notary Public, you are an independent business person who needs to let people know how to find you. An attractive, professional business card is a must-have. That does not mean a ragged edged, print-it-yourself excuse for a card. To be treated as a professional Notary Public, you need a professional card. Not expensive, just well done. Before ordering business cards, know what your state requires you to include on the card.

Document Shredder – Protect your client’s identity and your reputation by shredding any unused documents promptly. Small shredders are less than $50.

Safe or Locked Cabinet – Secure your Notary Journal, preferably inside a small safe or file cabinet that is fire-proof.

Having the right tools is necessary to get a job done. To develop a successful independent business, a Notary Public needs basic supplies to perform the official duties. The seal is the most recognized symbol of the notary’s job. Now that seal comes in both paper and electronic options.

Seal Stamp or Seal Embosser – For many years a test of an original notarized document was to touch the raised letters of the notary seal embosser. If the seal was flat, the paper was likely a copy. Not so today, as the seal can be applied by stamp as well as embosser. The choice of stamp or embosser is left to the notary in some states while a few require the embosser. To give a document a look of added importance, the Notary can attach gold foil seal to the document then press the embosser directly on to it.

The seal can also be applied by stamping it onto the document. A rectangular or round rubber stamp with ink pad is the least expensive option. A pre-inked stamp combines stamp and ink in an easy to use instrument. Notaries tend to favor the pre-inked seal stamp because it is less messy and faster to use.

Specialty Stamps – Another time saver is the Jurat stamp for use on documents. The Jurat stamp is prepared with generic wording or specific wording required for California, Washington or Florida. The Jurat is a larger stamp which uses an oversize stamp pad.

Electronic Seal – With increasing interest in the electronic notarization process, a digital form of the seal is applied with custom software. Check your state rules for acceptance of electronic notarization. The National Notary Association (NNA) offers an Electronic Notary Seal. The E-notary seal is part of the package that includes fingerprint and signature pad, web cam and annual software fee. The e-notary package costs approximately $400-$600, so a Notary needs to have enough distance business to justify the cost.

Certificate Pads – Frequently used certificates are available in pre-printed padded form for such frequently used items as an affidavit, acknowledgement, Jurat or passport affidavit. The American Society of Notaries (ASN) offers certificates on CD to print and complete. The National Notary Association (NNA) also has certificates to download for a monthly fee.

Thumbprint Pads – Small inkless pad is designed for thumbprint identification that is also easy to clean up.

Notary Journal – The journal is the official record book detailing documents notarized and the method of identifying the signors. Some journals also have a column for thumbprint identification.

Marriage Kits – For Notary Publics who are allowed to perform weddings, the ASN Marriage Kit has a how-to manual with three ceremony styles, ornate certificates and gold seals.

Professional Organization – Members of the American Society of Notaries or the National Notary Association receive a discount on notary supplies. Annual membership in one of these organizations is not required but is definitely worthwhile for a notary public to stay current on changes in the field.